Discover Ville Vesuviane online. Live visits of Villa Campolieto and Villa delle Ginestre have started.

The Ente Ville Vesuviane Foundation makes available one of its main activities online: guided tours through Villa Campolieto and Villa delle Ginestre, two monumental mansions that the Foundation manages.

“Through the digital platform – explains Filomena De Simone, Event Office Manager of the Foundation, who together with a team manages the guided tours – we recreate the experience and the emotion of the visit online. We bring our visitors in the heart of our villas and we explain in real time history, art and architecture of the places we go through.

We are equipped with a careful direction and an expert guide. Visitors can get to know places and landscapes that surround the Golden Mile. Through Villa delle Ginestre they can also travel through the last years of Giacomo Leopardi’s life, whose name is associated with the suggestive site that rises on the slope of the Vesuvius. Online visits are open to schools of any order and grade and to whoever wants to get into contact with this great heritage that has characterized the Court of Bourbons and then the Mediterranean history.

“Covid-19 pandemic – underlines Gianluca del Mastro, Ente Ville Vesuviane Foundation President – led us to make a choice that has turned out to be a great opportunity: online live visits give us the possibility to show our heritage to a wider audience, who can’t travel now but that we hope will come to us soon to experience our Villas in person”

Guided tours are available in spanish and english.

For info and information: prenotazioni@villevesuviane.net


 Campolieto: InCanto di Natale
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Tempo inVerso



“Tempo InVerso is what we want to be now, when it becomes urgent the need to reconquer spaces of freedom”.

Every week the Ente Ville Vesuviane Foundation wants to share images and words dedicated to its monumental, landscaped, cultural-historic heritage, waiting to reopen its Villas, parks and gardens to the public.

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